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Dcf Socks

Looking for a comfortable and stylish sports compression sock? Search no more than the Dcf unisex sports compression socks - large x-large - black with color trim, these socks are great for any day of the day, and they're made with american apparel's journey sustainable. Trust us to make you look and feel your best.

Dcf Socks Ebay

These Dcf socks are made for women and they are anti-fatigue socks, they are in tan and new age smoggy. They will help you stay asleep and tired, these socks are made with breathable cotton and polyamide to provide extra comfort and anti-fatigue. The 5-pack is divided into two groups, those who like to be active and those who don't need as much energy, the Dcf socks are made to be very comfortable and are made to be anti-fatigue, making you feel like you're lying down. These socks are designed to help you stay warm and comfortable all day long, they are fun to wear and will make you look and feel more confident when you go out. This are Dcf socks - unisex compression socks - 6 pack, this is a beige shoe size xl 10-13 w 10-12 they are going to be of shoe size xl 10-13 w 10-12.