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Rock Em Sock Em Robots Original

This is an original1966 original marx rockem sockem robots original box scorecards.

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots Exclusive

Best Rock Em Sock Em Robots Original

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Rock Em Sock Em Robots Original Amazon

Rock em socks em robots is a game for the iphone and android devices that lets you compete with your friends to build robots from rocks. Through the game youultry players can help their friends to build models that they can sell on the street. The game has been updated to include new models and colors, and is now available for free on the app store and google play. This is a great opportunity to own a vintage 1966 marx rockem sockem robots with a unused box and test drive. This machine is fully tested and ready to go. This machine is also removed from the market for just this reason. This is an early 1966 box of vintage rockem socks robots. The tools included are a toolsaw, saw, screws, nails, and a clamps. These machines were made by vintage 1966 cooperage of coffees! This box is of typical vintage rockem socks robots form unknown origin. This box is of great historical importance because it is the original box of rockem socks robots! This box is rare because it is only a few are made. This box is a collectible because it is one of a kind and has historical significance. These are in great condition and are all from the era of the 1966 rockem sockem. This box has all the features of the robots and comes with the original bag and box. There are no faults with the box or the robots and they are all sold!