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Sock Knitting Machine

This sock Knitting Machine is a sterling alternative to up your Knitting skills! With different features and an easy-to-use interface, this Machine is top-of-the-heap for kids who itch to create their own socks, plus, the unique hat design is sure to make your socks stand out.

Circular Sock Knitting Machine

The circular Machine is a machines used to make socks, it is a machines that use the circular motion to produce socks. The Machine is a tool that is used to make socks with a series of revolutions, the machines have been around for since 1912 and 1924 with patterns. A manual is in like manner included for the machine, this restore sock Knitting machines extends metal bobbin winder and 7 wood bobbin auto it is capable of knittings with single and double-needle stitch, made of high-quality cotton. The sock knitter's worst nightmare comes true! This kit comes with a money maker and a sock maker! The money maker is valuable for lovers who itch to just make money without doing any Knitting or meant to make clay sheep wool sock, the sock maker is first-class for people who wish to make items with the 1 rib of needles. The circular sock Machine is a top-notch alternative to get your circular style Knitting in, this Machine is facile to handle and can be used for either general Knitting or specific circular Machine style knitting. The Machine comes with a wooden box to store all the knitted items.