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Super Hero Socks

Looking for a pair of feet-friendly clothes? look no further than the super hero socks! These socks are designed to keep feet comfortable and warm, from the best-selling line.

Superman Socks With Cape

For those of you who don't know, the cape and all that is cape-related, I'm talking about the white cape that's found around his neck. It's not really his cape, but that's what he uses to point himself out of the way. there are a few different types of superman socks with the cape. The most popular is the simple black/white socks, which also have the white cape crawling up the sides. but there are also some super special socks with the cape. They are called cape socks and they are made with just a little bit of fabric on the front and back so that he can truly point himself out of the way. and finally, there is the perfect version of the cape, which has both the white cape and the cape socks together. He can put one on top of the other and it looks really cool. all in all, the cape is a really cool symbol of superhero protection and he uses it to point himself out of the way in a dangerous world. So keep your eyes peeled for him and you'll be fine.

Superman Cape Socks

Our superman cape socks are the perfect solution for kids who want to show their support for your favorite super man. They are unisex size 9-12 and feature a sturdy, hard-shell material that will keep your feet warm and dry. these superhero socks are sure to protect your feet from dirt, sand and water. The bioworld-inspired design features a-frame socks with a front pocket for your phone or notepad. The socks are said to make you "smooth and wet. " the first pair of superhero socks to receive a numericuilt review, the super hero crew socks will continue to be available in a numericuilt color series. these superhero socks with cape are perfect for those who love the movies and comics that much. They have the perfect balance of purple and black and make you look strong and tough. They are perfect for when you want to take on anything. these cape socks are perfect for any superman fan! They fit properly and are world of setter 6er size 6 socks. They are the perfect foot treatment for the furry behemoth who loves setters too much.