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Thick Wool Socks

These Thick Wool socks are made for hard work and cold weather, they're warm and comfortable, and make a splendid addition to your home office or work space.

Heavy Winter Socks

Looking for a heavy winter sock that's both stylish and functional? Don't look anywhere than these socks for men, made from alpaca wool, these socks are made to last through the winter. Plus, the heavy weight and Thick warmth will keep you comfortable all day long, these are top-grade socks for any casual or warm weather day. They are comfortable and will keep your feet warm and soft, they are sterling alternative for a suitor digging for an affordable and high quality pair of socks. These socks are made of merino wool, which is a type of Wool that is very dense and strong, the ridges on the merino wool's surface create a " behavioral instructional material " which helps with focus and memory management in different situations. Additionally, the socks will help with keeping your feet warm and comfortable, these Thick Wool socks are peerless for women who enjoy spending their days outside in the sun or wind. The socks will keep your feet warm and comfortable, while the extra- Thick cashmere fabric ensures that you'll never have to feel worries about money.